Lacrosse Uniforms For Boys

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms Boys

Custom lacrosse uniforms boys from Lightning Wear.  The East End 4 Lax crew will be looking so raw in these lacrosse uniforms for boys with the custom skull and lax sticks logo. They chose lacrosse uniforms sublimated for boys on our uniform builder site inspired by Design #5.  Since it was a youth team, I suggested that they go with the collegiate style lacrosse pinnie.  It is a wider shoulder jersey with coverage on the pads.  We make lacrosse uniforms for boys and girls that have been tested on our local and nationwide teams.  If you have a sizing question, we are always here to help give our input on what works best.

lacrosse uniforms boys
lacrosse uniforms boys

Lacrosse Pinnies Sizing

All of our pinnies come in individual sizes, not half sizes like S/M.  I really do like when manufacturers make things more complicated and do split sizes.  There is enough of a difference in reversible jerseys that you really do need exact and individual sizing.  If you have a question about youth sizing for girls or guys, just give us a ring and we can suggest our opinion on the best matches for your team age group.  We make to order in Maryland USA.