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Design your own lacrosse uniform shorts from Lightning Wear.  I have seen a lot of cool lacrosse shorts come across the shipping desk, but these native inspired lacrosse uniform shorts have to be on the list of favorites.  The team designed a step and repeat pattern of their team logos on each leg and the result was a masterpiece.  As well, the great thing about dye sublimated lacrosse shorts is that the possibilities for design and creation is really up to how wild you want to be.  You have your option of getting the lacrosse shorts with or without pockets.  This particular customer always orders their teams with pockets, but some prefer without pockets.

lacrosse uniform shorts
lacrosse uniform shorts








Dye Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Here is a brief synopsis of how dye sublimated lacrosse shorts are made. Please take a minute to read this article. For starters, we begin with a blank piece of paper.  The pattern of the short is designed using technology similar to a sign making process.  Then, the special paper is printed and pressed using a high heat rotary roll press.  This is how your fantastic design is applied to the fabric.  Then it is cut, sewn tested and shipped.  Call us with any ideas for shorts or reversibles and we can walk you through the design and ordering process.

Indeed, there are many other companies, competitors and rivals that have attempted to copy our custom uniform builder.  Most importantly, ours has a patented image uploader.  The uploader allows you to add custom prints and patterns of your choice directly to the garment we make for you.  You can customize your team uniforms with the most options and pattern styles on the web.  Hence, this means that you can put a picture of your favorite food, person or even spaceship on our product with full coverage.