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Digital Camo Lacrosse Team Shorts

Design Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse team shorts custom made by Lightning Wear Apparel.  To follow are the matching lacrosse team shorts for the Stratford mens lacrosse team.  The left leg showcases the teams ferocious mascot, the Devil Dog.  The right side has the team slogan and the individual team numbers.  The team chose gray and black digital camouflage with royal blue, red and white text and logo accents.

lacrosse team shorts
lacrosse team shorts

These shorts were made with full depth pockets and elastic drawstring waistbands for comfort on and off the field.  The team chose a very strong font and color to accent the darker images of the patterns of the shorts.

Lacrosse team uniforms are the finishing touch to a great team.  Our uniforms come in adult and youth sizes for girls and guys.  We are one of the few uniform providers that also provides sizing for big and tall customers.  We have manufactured 5 and even 6 xl jerseys, shorts and hoodies before.  If there is a special size or manufacturing request that you have in mind, be sure to write us for details.  Thanks for checking out our blog and be sure to review other posts on the site for design ideas on lacrosse uniforms.

The only problem with having custom lacrosse shorts that look as cool as these do is that you want to wear them all the time.  Just make sure they are half way clean for game day, unless you are superstitious and don’t wash them. Since I am on the topic, we normally recommend washing your sublimated lacrosse shorts in warm water and drying on normal dry.  Use detergent too, it makes them smell a little better. haha.

Be sure to call us for any sublimated lacrosse uniform questions or design ideas.  We are here to help 7 days a week.  888-438-7875.