Lacrosse Shorts Fundraising

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Lacrosse shorts fundraising made by Lightning Wear®.  If your team or organization is looking to do a fundraiser, there is no better way to do it than with some special sublimated shorts or gear from Lightning Wear®.  Lacrosse shorts for fundraising or any other item that we manufacture can definitely be used to help raise money for your program or special cause.

lacrosse shorts fundraising
lacrosse shorts fundraising

Although the published prices on our website are the retail amounts, in special circumstances we can work with you on the cost.  We can help work with you and make sure there is enough for you to generate sales and apply money towards the team or cause.  Be sure to call one of our specialists and we can discuss the options with you.  We get a lot of calls for special sponsorship and donations.  We are always glad to help in any way we can.  Although provided monetary donations are tough because we are a private company, we are glad to structure a deal that benefits your team.  Feel free to call and discuss the possibilities

with lacrosse shorts or any other product we make.


Checker Board Lacrosse Shorts

Pictured are some very cool green and gold checkered lacrosse shorts.  Checker board lacrosse shorts can be made with the full cover of the short or as accents in any way.  They seem to be the craze in just about every color combination this season.  Was it Kentucky or Tennessee that made it great? You can also make whatever color choices that you want with these.  Call one of our artists today for help with design ideas.  We can show you the possibilities.  Give us a basic idea of what you are thinking and we will make it happen.  Lacrosse shorts fundraising are made in Maryland USA any way you want them.