Lacrosse Shorts Custom – CO Starz

Colorado Lacrosse Shorts Custom

Lacrosse shorts custom from Lightning Wear.®  Here goes what is perhaps one of my favorite pair of lacrosse team shorts custom  I have seen come across the floor in a while.  They are a black fade to royal blue and I think that the Colorado Starz logo just iced the cake for slick looking bottoms.  The team ordered pinnies, shorts and shooter shirts with custom names and numbers on them.  They must have had an artists eye with these and they really worked well with our staff to get these going.  Good luck on the season and thank you for letting our team make these for you.

lacrosse shorts custom
lacrosse shorts custom

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Sublimated lacrosse shorts are really the only type of shorts that we currently manufacture and sell to you and our vendors.  We started out making polyester shorts with no real designs on them but found that if we were going to sell the best we needed to make what people really wanted.  You can buy cheap mesh lacrosse shorts anywhere and it really was not what we are about.  We have done manufacturing work for some of the bigger guys and we are honestly more content on making our brand visible to the public.

My daughter corrected me the other day when I told her about some faded shorts that we made for a team.  She called them ombre lacrosse shorts.  I guess whatever you call them, they sure do make for an excellent very crisp look.  Thats another great thing about dye sublimation.  No matter the design or effect of the graphic you are using, our art department will develop a way for it to work on your garment.  More so, it will look incredible.

If you are wearing a lacrosse pinnie, a pair of sublimated shorts or a shooter shirt, we want you wearing it with our bolt.  Made in the USA.