Lacrosse Shorts Contest

Last friday we were hanging around the factory and decided to do a cool lacrosse shorts contest on our @laxpinnies instagram account.

Lacrosse Shorts Contest
Lacrosse Shorts Contest


We came up with a few different designs and threw it up on instagram.  We made the old 80’s cassette tape shorts, orange lightning bolts shorts, galaxy lacrosse shorts and a pair of cool flourescent hawaiian lacrosse shorts. Our ad team has really been beefing up our instagram presence lately and would love to interact more with our community so we felt that this was a great way to kick start the party.  I liked the cassette tape ones so much that I even made a pair to rock down at the beach for the weekend.  We get requests all the time from customers that want to see their current order in action. No problem.  We love showing off our customers great ideas and cool swag.

Summer Lacrosse Shorts Contest

We will be announcing the winner later today on facebook and instagram so if you have not already followed the instructions to win, then get on Instagram and do your thing.  For us, the enjoyment is seeing people wearing our funky and outside the box designs.  More so we are one of the only guys in town (girls too) that makes and sells larger size shorts jerseys and shirts.  Our 5xl lacrosse shorts are a big size.  But try us if you are in the 7XL range too.  We started making bigger sizes like this after outfitting the big fellas in the D league NBA for basketball.  Call us to discuss your sizing needs.





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