Lacrosse Practice Jerseys

Design Lacrosse Practice Pinnies

Lacrosse practice jerseys can be made any way you would like them.  Pictured is a set of camp pinnies we made for the Force lacrosse camp in Ohio.  Like many coaches and camp planners, they wanted something that would look cool for their campers without breaking the bank.  Late registration because of the delayed end of school made it hard for them to know just how many reversible jerseys they would need.  So they placed their order online with the rush fee.  Then they contact our in house graphic artist for some fresh updates and add ons.  Usually we will instruct you to put the order in first.  Next we can proof your jerseys or custom shorts design after the order is placed.

lacrosse practice jerseys
lacrosse practice jerseys

Numbered Lacrosse Pinnies

Our numbered lacrosse pinnies are normally dye sublimated.  In the past we would screen print numbered pinnies. However thanks to the digital revolution, we now dye sublimate all of our jerseys with numbers.  It is a cleaner more organized and detailed look.  As well, you can add strokes and outlines with any extra up charge.  The fuss of peeling numbers or misprints is out the window.

Art Services

Lightning Wear offers limited art services for lacrosse practice jerseys and team uniforms in our Kensington, Maryland facility.  Unfortunately there are a lot of tire kickers out there these days.  In the busy summer rush, it is difficult for our art staff to make a lot of changes and art reversions unless you are a serious customer.  We do not have the man power to design you a cool team logo.  More so we do not have the  ability to design one cool shirt for you.

I am amazed and unfortunately somewhat disappointed at some of the requests that we continue to receive.  My famous line is that custom shirts especially the kind we make are not hatched like an egg.  There is a lot of time and preparation involved in making your order.  Keep in mind that you are not our only customer.  Just because you ordered less than twenty garments does not mean that you are entitled to them two days after you ordered them.  It just doesnt work that way.

Delivery Dates

The only way to guarantee a delivery date is to pay the rush fee.  We appreciate customers that call to check on the status of their order, but nothing is set in stone. Our company is not a delivery service we are uniform manufacturers.  Our team works hard to get you your gear and practice pinnies within a reasonable time.  Calling five times a day will not secure your order faster.

If you are in the market for affordable lacrosse practice jerseys that are high quality, give one of our pinnie pros a call today at 888-438-7875;

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