Lacrosse Pinny

Sublimated Lacrosse Pinny

Another cool lacrosse pinny order from team Shabazz heading out the door from Lightning Wear.  

lacrosse pinny
lacrosse pinny

We received a pretty hilarious email from a guy in Wisconsin the other day correcting us about the proper pronunciation and usage of lacrosse pinnies.  According to him, it should be penny not pinnie.  About eight years ago when we came up with the idea of launching a custom lacrosse pinnies site, we did our research and found the true answer was that a majority of sports enthusiasts seems to consider a reversible mesh jersey a “pinnie”.

Whether its lacrosse pinny, lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse penny, lacrosse pinnys or just custom pennies, we think we do a pretty fine job of getting out a killer reversible jersey.  Here goes a killer set of reversibles to Team Shabazz.  Get your custom pinnies online only at lacrosse pinnies dot com.