Lacrosse Pinnies Custom

Design Lacrosse Pinnies Custom

Lacrosse pinnies custom made by Lightning Wear.  I wrote on instragram asking why the Corn has to be angry and someone replied why not, which I thought was pretty cool.

lacrosse pinnies custom
lacrosse pinnies custom

My understanding that angry corn has to do with a type of corn snake but I might be wrong.  Be sure to check out our instragram page @laxpinnies for some of what we post on a daily basis.  I wish we could post everything we send out on a daily basis but sometimes time does not allow it.  If you have a pinnie that we have designed and we have not included it, be sure take a pic of it and tag us.  We have over 17,000 followers and continue to grow. Our sublimated lacrosse shorts and lacrosse uniforms are one of a kind.

Any who, here goes a set of rasta print and zig zag pinnies to the Angry Corn team.  Thanks for the order and have a great turkey day this week.