Lacrosse Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Here goes a set of gold and black lacrosse long sleeve shooter shirts to the Adelphi lacrosse team and staff.  The team ordered over 80 shirts for the team and staff.  

lacrosse long sleeve shooter shirts
lacrosse long sleeve shooter shirts

Our artist really enjoyed working on the design for this particular project.  As you can see by the image on the side of this post, there were a lot of different imprints and logos on these long sleeve shooter shirts.  I just put a link in the sentence before of the location on our site where you can actually design and buy your shirts.  We make these in adult and youth size for girls and boys.

Now lets get back to these cool looking shirts.  The team went with a black long sleeve shirt with  yellow side panels.  For starters, they added their cool logos on both sleeves facing in mirror directions.  Then they added their awesome arched text logo on the front of the shirts.  Below the arch they added the logo again with the bottom line text of Panthers.  As well, they added individual numbers for each player on the bottom front of each jersey.  The coaches and other staff members did not get the numbers put on their shirts.

Custom Sleeve Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Have you ever seen custom sleeve long sleeve shooter shirts?  We make them easily here at LW.  The sleeves were also pretty cool.  You cannot see it from the picture, but at the bottom of the sleeves they added the upside  down text again that the customer provided.  On the side panels they added vertical repeat Panthers text again.  I wish we had taken a picture of the backs of the shirts.  These were epic as well.  The back neck had the player numbers again.  Below it in vertical text was each individual player or coaches name from top to bottom.

The big question we always get is what are the long sleeve shooter shirts actually made of.  Are they heavy or are they light?  Well here is your answer.  They are not heavy but they are not tool light.  You do not have to worry that they are see through or so thing that they will rip on you.  We make these and our shorts sleeve shirts with a lighter weight but durable 100% polyester moisture wicking material.  It keeps you warm in the cold, but is light weight for playing and normal wear.

What’s Cooking?

Also, if you notice we have not been as religious about posting recently.  We have been up to a lot of things recently.  One of the biggest things we have been working on is our catalog of products.  We listed to you guys and gals and love your input.  One of the big things people have been asking for is a shop where you do not have to always customize.  Here is a preview of the shop.  Now you can buy products without having to design them much quicker.  Also, we have picked up a few  domains including Breakaway Lacrosse and Oxygen Lacrosse.  We will be adding store to each of these.  The Oxygen site will be more for customers looking for lacrosse gear on Amazon.  We are going to classify products in categories and promote what we feel are the best choices for each category.

Despite some past issues with Amazon, we now have a ton of product  up on their site.  We have been selling a lot of things on there.  Our team is feverishly working on a store so I can publish the link.  In the meantime you can search with LightningWear on the site.  Just be sure to put Lightning and Wear together.  Not sure why this is but that is how it was set up.  We have some old inventory of lacrosse shorts we are selling cheap.  As well, we are beefing up production of our more popular custom prints and patterns.  Check it out.

Thanks again for reading his post.  The shirt you see pictured cannot really be made using our designer too.  So if you like it, just call us and we can design something similar.  If you are looking to get some custom shirts for any occasion or team, give us a call and we can work with your budget.  We want you wearing our custom lacrosse long sleeve shooter shirts.

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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®