Lacrosse Contest Winner – Shorts

Announcement: Lacrosse Contest Winner

Congrats to @Bryanmepstein for winning the cool pair of American flag and Maryland shorts.  He participated and won a contest that we had going on our Instagram @laxpinnies site.  We definitely love getting our custom lacrosse gear all over the world.  These shorts will be on the way to Florida later on in the week.  Be sure to check back with our instagram and please follow us.  It is hard for us to publish every picture of every item we send out since we ship 50-100 packages per day.  We love showing off some of the great stuff that you design and we make.  Be sure to enter to win and be the next lacrosse winner.

lacrosse contest winner
lacrosse contest winner



Reversible lacrosse practice pinnies

I always love coming in in the morning to see who and what has been on our site when I leave and go home from this place, enjoy my family and get a little shut eye.  Yesterday I came in to a very cool order from a very cool group in Chofu-shi Tokyo.  They ordered the mens plain pinnie with side panels.  We get orders from all over and I like it because it helps us meet other people and learn the traditions and customs of other regions and countries.  Thank you all for the great support and we hope you are liking the improvements to our new lacrosse pinnie site.

Design Lacrosse Shorts

Make sure you check our designer for lacrosse shorts.  We feel for being custom shorts the price and styles are right.  If you have any designs or ideas of prints that you think would look cool on some shorts, please let us know.