Kids Field Hockey Pinnies

Make Kids Field Hockey Pinnies

Every year South Park comes up with a great new design of Kids Field hockey pinnies in youth and adult sizes.  

kids field hockey pinnies
kids field hockey pinnies

This year the great team went with the fluorescent pink dye sublimated jerseys.  They wanted the girly look with cool fonts and colors.  My favorite is the repeating pattern side panels with the navy blue rib accent.  For under $30 you can get a fully dye sublimated racerback or regular plain jersey for your youth or adult field hockey team program.  Field hockey pinnies womens and kids can be designed any way you want them.  You are not just limited to what is on our site.

Chances are if you have worn a field hockey uniform or field hockey pinnies in the last three or four years they are likely made in our Maryland USA manufacturing facility.  Check out the cool field hockey shorts we made for the Hymax field hockey team.  Our sublimation process makes the finish touch of the jersey short or shirt so real and durable.  We have teams that add on to an initial order four and five years later.  So you know that when you order with us you are in good hands.  Our servers keep all old files, sizing and designs.  Add ons are simple.








Here is a quick video of how we actually print your field hockey jerseys. The high speed printers use a special water based ink.  Also the paper is specially made to allow for transfer of the stored water based ink at a specific exact high temperature.   As you can see, the printer is printing the design and image backwards.  This is because the image is heated up with a giant oven and flattened on to the special fabric.  Then it is cut with its pattern and assembled by our very talented seamstresses.  Take a look at the printer.  Really Cool!