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Kentucky Lacrosse Jerseys

It is a great privilege to work with our awesome customers on these sublimated Kentucky Lacrosse jerseys.  Lacrosse is growing as a sport leaps and bounds.  

Kentucky Lacrosse Jerseys
Kentucky Lacrosse Jerseys

With the growth of the sport of lacrosse it is so great to see our reach expand with fantastic customers all over the globe.  The Kentucky Elite program forwarded us a design idea that they had in mind for a team they were putting together.  We added some cool looking watermark prints and the rest became history.  We really enjoy working with such fun and exciting customers.  More so we are happy to impress such a great and quickly expanding programs like this one.

The team forwarded us their custom logos along with instructions on how they wanted the pinnies to look.  We took it to the next level with some awesome color tuning. As well we added custom numbers on the front and backs of the jerseys.  To me, these are some of the coolest looking jerseys we have seen in a while.

Custom Kentucky Lacrosse Jerseys

Our lacrosse jerseys are sublimated with any color print or pattern you can think of.  There is no limit to the size or reach of your custom logos or patterns.  And the color choices are in the hundreds of thousands.  Our in house graphic artists can design your jersey within twenty four hours.  These particular jerseys were designed and shipped in under three weeks.


So if you are in Kentucky or anywhere call us.  Our gear is made to order in Maryland USA for distribution all over the world.  And be sure you are keeping close tabs on the sport of lacrosse.  If you are on this site, you know how big the sport is getting.  Youth high school and college teams are popping up all over the United States.  More so they are growing all over the world.

Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse

Recently Comcast brought our favorite indoor team, the Phildelphia Wings back in to the game.  When a big player like Comcast does this, it speaks volumes for the sport. Comcast Lacrosse is just the beginning for the sport as we know it.  We are glad to be a part of the growth. Our hope is that you will let our team outfit yours and impress you.  These Kentucky lacrosse jerseys are just a taste of the incredible things we can manufacture for you and your team.