Keg Stand Pinnies

Custom Keg Stand Pinnies

Keg Stand pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  

keg stand pinnies
keg stand pinnies

I have seen a lot of pinnie color combinations in my life here at our factory.  This hot pink and athletic gold combination is one for the history books (or at least this blog).  Honestly seeing this jerseys is making me a bit thirsty for a cold frosty one.  Alright maybe just one…. Its so good…Once it hits your lips its so good. Cheers to our pals in Cinci for the cool order of their party jerseys.


There have been a lot of other companies out there that have tried to offer the color combinations that we do.  Unfortunately, some of the $5 pinnies you see on the web these days are made by overseas manufacturers that produce garbage.  If you want a jersey that will last for half of your season or after two washes, go that route and see how it turns out.  Our pinnies are made to last and they are made in the most unique designs and colors ever.  Keg stand pinnies are cooler when you are standing upside down so cheers.