Intramural Basketball Jerseys

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Shop intramural basketball jerseys from Lightning Wear®. Tidal Dave and his pals will be looking fresh on the court or field in they powder blue and navy reversible basketball jerseys.  They added a very cool logo and print on the fronts of both sides.  As well the added a front collegiate number to each of the jerseys.  On the back they added names and numbers as well.  Based on the names, these guys know how to have a good time.  With dye sublimation, you can add any name number logo, print design or pattern to your garment without any up charge.  We get calls all the time from customers asking how much it would be to add an extra logo.  The answer is nothing extra.  You can add a flag, a picture of your beau, or anything you can think of.

intramural basketball jerseys
intramural basketball jerseys

Production turn times are about three weeks right now.  We are starting to get in to our busy season for custom basketball uniforms and custom lacrosse uniforms.  We want to especially thank all of our customers that have gotten organized early this season.  It makes planning for production and staffing easy. For the late comers, we love you too.  Please just get moving on your orders.  We require payment in full at the time the order is placed.  Unfortunately our production manager is firm about taking care of paid customers first.  This stuff takes time to print press and cut before we sew it.  Even with rush services, we still have to make sure we have the supplies to cover your order.  The moral of the story is do not delay your order.

Basketball Jersey Pricing

Ask about our special basketball jersey pricing.  For around thirty to forty dollars you can design and order your custom basketball uniforms with ease.Call us and we can give you the best price on intramural basketball jerseys.