Inside Lacrosse Uniforms

Customized Inside Lacrosse Uniforms

Cathedral High School Lacrosse

Cathedral High School Lacrosse and Inside Lacrosse Uniforms made by Lightning Wear Apparel.  We would like to give special thanks to Inside Lacrosse Magazine for the mention. Happy Holidays to everyone.We took great pride in helping the Cathedral lacrosse program replace custom lacrosse uniforms.

Check out their article on us in this months magazine.

inside lacrosse uniforms
inside lacrosse uniforms

We are always willing to help others out in the lacrosse community.  Unfortunately, many times we have to turn requests down.  We are a small self funded company so our budget for giving out free or greatly discounted merchandise can be difficult to swallow at times.  We appreciate our customers that continue to be loyal to us.  In return, we promise to provide you with the best experience, apparel and delivery.  Please call us with any custom uniforms questions.

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

A while ago I posted an article about my company’s inspiration for custom lacrosse shorts and team uniforms.  I grew up in a pretty big family of seven kids.  Hand me downs were always common.  More so, getting a new pair of shorts or a shirt was rare.  In the 80’s when I was young, the big craze was Jams hawaiian shorts.  I will always remember my sweet old grandmother giving me twenty five dollars to buy my custom shorts.  These things had a drawstring waistband but no elastic.  They were linen like material  The ones i bought were orange and blue with big flower prints.  I remember the summer of like sixth grade, I never took them off.  My guess is that since then, I have always looked out for cool prints and heavy texture shorts.

Call us at 888-438-7875 if you want to discuss shorts, shirts reversible jerseys, your grandma, or Jams.  Thanks for reading our article on inside lacrosse uniforms and custom lacrosse shorts.

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