Hungry Hippos Pinnies

Design Hungry Hippos Pinnies

Check out these custom Hungry Hungry Hippos pinnies from Lighting Wear!

hungry hippos pinnies
hungry hippos pinnies

Does anyone remember that TV commercial? Here are some sweet hungry hippos racerback pinnies heading out to Mansfield MA. Thanks for the order!  It is amazing how certain old time commercials really stick in your mind thirty years later.  I have to say that I do not think that the new commercials of today have the same impact as the old ones.  Is there a commercial that you can think of in todays time that is as cool as the one from old days? comment below if you can think of one.

Anyways, we make these cool hippos pinnies for a group of wild and crazy young ladies in Pennsylvania.  They added custom team names and numbers to the jersey for the ultimate look.  There are not too many places on earth that can give you the selection of color combinations that we have for your custom lacrosse pinnies.

If you have a design idea in mind, please give us a call and we can help you create the coolest jersey of the land.  All of our gear is made to order in our Kensington, Maryland USA factory.  We ship all over the world.