Hot Pink Girls Pinnies

Design Hot Pink Girls Pinnies

Hot pink girls pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  Here goes some bright fluorescent pink racerback pinnies to the lax bettys in Clarendon Hills. thanks for the order.  The ladies chose a pink and white reversible with the white screen printed lacrosse stick and Hinsdale Central lacrosse text strongly displayed on the front.  They added custom team names and numbers on the back of both sides of the reversible.

Hot pink girls pinnies
Hot pink girls pinnies

Many times when our girls teams order on the site for the racerback cut jersey, we recommend placing the name below the larger number on the backs of the reverisble.  This gives us pollacks with larger names a chance to keep the ski on the back of it.  Make sense?  Thankfully my polish mom married an irishman.  I always love seeing the long names come through the names and numbers part of our site. Anyone with a name over 15 charachters long can certainly relate.  In these instances, the text is either shrunk or abbreviate.  Therefore, on a racerback jersey, the designated names are better if they are placed near or above the hem line.

Fluorescent Pink Girls Racerback Jerseys can be made with dye sublimation as well.  This means you can have alternative prints and patterns added at no extra charge.  Call us and we can walk you through the process of purchasing your custom girls pinnies.