Honey Badgers Pinnies

Custom Honey Badgers Pinnies

Basketball Reversible Jerseys

Here goes some more Honey Badgers Pinnies in athletic gold.

honey badgers pinnies
honey badgers pinnies

Honey Badgers pinnies are on the way to Venetia Pennsylvania. Our basketball jerseys can be designed in adult and youth sizes.    The team went with the black and athletic gold basketball style with custom side panels to boot.  They added a three color front logo.  The jersey pictured was for the captain and has a c on it.  The rest of the team added names and numbers to the back of the jerseys.   We are one of the only pinnies companies that allows you to pick any two colors that you want on the reverse side of the shirts.  We are in the process of adding a third color option to the site.  Be sure to check back in with us on the designer tool for more options and added mascots.

The team also added a matching pair of custom lacrosse shorts to the mix.  The shorts are dye sublimated so you never have to worry about the impression running or rubbing out.


Call us today for a free team quote and design.  Thanks for the order.