High School Lacrosse Uniforms – Mens

Digital Camo High School Lacrosse Uniforms

High School lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Check out these digital camouflage high school sublimated uniforms

on the way to the great players up in Damascus, Maryland.  The team went with a forest green, white and black mixed digital camouflage.  The numbers and names along with school name had a nice black stroke to really make them stand out.  We also made a matching set of lacrosse shorts for the team following with the same camo design.


high school lacrosse uniforms
high school lacrosse uniforms

The Sport of Lacrosse

It always amazes me how the sport of lacrosse keeps growing year after year.  I was reading a pretty intersting article the other day about the recent interview with the Friday Night Lightning Director about the dangers of American football.  In the article, he talks about the concerns of the lack of proper coaching and the huge problem with head injuries.  He mentions the Heads Up Football concept and insists that parents get more involved with coaching.   I always thought it was interesting that growing up my dad would never let me and my brothers play football but he was perfectly okay with lacrosse and hockey.

Never playing football besides the old no pad Turkey bowls growing up, I can say that I never got to experience the full pad rush of contact.  However, plenty of times I had my clock cleaned in lacrosse and hockey.  My freshman year of high school, my older brother was a senior so he and all of his friends made sure that I paid the price for being out on the field when they were there.  Any chance they could to lay me out, they would.  I would run for protection but left most practices muddy and bloody.  Anyhoo enough reminiscing.  Call us for high school lacrosse uniforms team pricing.