Grateful Dead Lacrosse Uniforms

Sublimated Grateful Dead Lacrosse Uniforms

Make Your Own Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Grateful Dead lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Here goes a set of Grateful Dead sublimated uniforms to team Lightning Wear.  They are another team that plays in the Dc lacrosse league down at Georgetown University.  This is the third year that we have made these Dead inspired uniforms.  This year the team wanted to incorporate the Maryland and USA flags into their design.

Short Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Our team loves making these short sleeve shooter shirts.  We used a new poly moisture wicking material that we have been sampling.  So far it has been received and worn extremely well.  We know that some of our competing companies have recently tried to take on the Dead theme, but we think that these lacrosse uniforms definitely top the charts.

grateful dead lacrosse uniforms
grateful dead lacrosse uniforms

The team went with two shooting shirts and a custom pair of lacrosse shorts with pockets that will keep them cool in the summer nights of lacrosse.  They added custom names and numbers on the back of the jerseys.  The custom names always crack us up for sure.  3 piece lacrosse uniforms usually runs for around $90 for the complete set.  The shorts can be made with or without pockets.




Design  Lacrosse Shorts

If you notice these custom lacrosse shorts have the Maryland side panels.  On the front they also have the DC custom logos.  Our shorts have a durable four needle elastic waistband hem.  We make these bad boys in sizes as big as five extra large.  The big thing with us is reliability.  At times there are demands that our customers make that seem painful and unwelcome.  However, we always manage to get the job done.

Call us for special team pricing and design questions.  Grateful Dead lacrosse uniforms are made to order in Maryland USA.


© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®