Graphic Lacrosse Uniforms

Create Graphic Lacrosse Uniforms

Graphic lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Earlier in the year we posted some graphic lacrosse shirts on our blog to show the endless capabilities that one can choose when using dye sublimation.  The customer was so excited about  the service and quality of our product,  they reached out to us again.  We love these kind of calls for so many reasons.  They seemed to like the shirts so much that they came back to use for their sublimated lacrosse uniforms.

graphic lacrosse uniforms
graphic lacrosse uniforms

Their awesome predators lacrosse shorts with pockets and collegiate cut lacrosse pinnies went with the theme of their previous order.  The greatest thing about ordering with Lightning Wear® is that we keep and back up every single order we have ever done.  This means that there is never any change in style or patterns.  If a player on your team loses their gear or you add a new player to the squad, we are always here to help.   The tops shown in the picture have a very cool watermark of a mesh lacrosse stick followed with the panther print and crafted team name in special font text.

My son saw these pictured uniforms and said that he needed the set to add to his collection.  With ease, we can manufacture uniforms in adult and kids sizes for both girls and guys.  My kid is six so he would likely go with a youth small for the collegiate cut jersey and a youth small for the lax shorts.

The lacrosse shorts followed the same theme with several different prints and an accent of camouflage to match the powder blue black combination of the uniform.  In all, these made for some incredible sets.  The graphics on both pieces show you just what we are capable of when it comes to dye sublimation of custom uniforms.  If you have a design idea in mind or want to share graphics with us, please just send an email or call and we will promptly respond back to your request.