Gold Lacrosse Uniforms

Make Gold Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom gold lacrosse uniforms Knights from Lightning Wear®.  Here goes some vegas gold and white with navy accent custom lacrosse uniforms to the boys Knights team.  The side panel on the shorts really stands out with the powerful team logo.  There are endless options and possibilities with the dye sublimation process.

gold lacrosse uniforms
gold lacrosse uniforms

I know I have introduced the dye sublimation process to you before on this blog but want to explain it again so you can really grasp how this works.  The process starts out with just an idea.  Some people think that you can only choose from the few examples or templates we have on our site.  Really though, the possibilities are truly endless.

Getting back to it, the design is sketched up by our artists (unless you designed online) and then the design is applied to the template of the actual style of jersey or short you chose.  Next the fantastic design you choose is printed on a wide format printer with a water based high temperature (and high priced) ink.  It is printed on a special paper that allows for heat to transfer the pattern and the designs with unlimited colors on to a piece of fabric.

Team Sports Uniforms

Team sports uniforms are not normally this cool.  Think about how a sign making shop prints a sign.  It is the same concept only there is an additional step.  Instead of being printed directly on to the media, the transfer is applied at a very high heat (hotter than most pizza ovens) on to special moisture management fabric  Then after it cools, the pattern is cut out sewn and shipped to you for delivery.  Made right here in Kensington, Maryland USA.  Call us for your gold lacrosse uniforms needs at 888-438-7875.