Girls Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Take a glimpse of the Girls sublimated lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.   The Lady Venom girls lacrosse team, based in sunny Florida, is ready to hit the field.  Their team wanted a unique uniform set that would stand out on and off the field.  They designed an incredible set of racerback jerseys and custom girls lacrosse shorts.  The main colors were black and white with pink and neon green argyle.

These jerseys and shorts look fantastic.  Color choice and patterns ignite this jersey and short combination.  The team logos were perfectly placed above the slanted numbers on the front and back of the jerseys.  The pink argyle shorts really look incredible.  Their team put their great logo on the left leg.  But the finishing touch on these uniforms is the bottom ribbed neon green accents.  They were laid on the bottom of the shorts.

girls sublimated lacrosse uniforms
girls sublimated lacrosse uniforms


Customize Girls Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

You can see that girls sublimated lacrosse uniforms are the “must have” for the 2017 lacrosse season.  Many of our customers do not understand what classifies a sublimated lacrosse uniform. Recently, some of the major sports apparel brands are being blamed for just being too plain.  We are the custom sports apparel brand that goes outside the box.

Lightning Wear takes a lot of pride in what we manufacture.  You do not see us in the major department stores.  Really  because we do not want the headaches of managing inventories and waiting for overseas manufacturers deliveries and delays. Our specialty is custom apparel.  In order to be successful as a custom apparel company, you need to offer the best technology.  Dye sublimation gives you the chance to print and make whatever style pattern or color on a garment that you wish.

Argyle Lacrosse Uniforms

The argyle and other images, logos, numbers and names are all married in to the fabric. We can take whatever logo print or pattern that you can think of and make it in to a shirt, short, reversible jersey or sweat.  Call us today for information your girls sublimated lacrosse uniforms.  Also be sure to check out our custom blankets we are making.