Girls Reversible Jerseys

Customize Girls Reversible Jerseys

Girls reversible jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  The HAFS all stars went with the womens racerback pinnie in zebra print wtih an interior blue stars.  They added the team name and custom numbers on the fronts and backs of the jersey in a hot pink.  The zebra and cheetah prints are two of the most popular prints that we make for girls teams for reversible jerseys. We offer these pinnies in adult and youth sizes ranging from a youth extra small to an adult 5 xl large.

Most often, our goalies will order bigger sizes to cover pads.  If you are uncertain of what size you should order, then we say just to go off of a regular t shirt size.  The pinnies tend to be form fitting so if you are unsure of your size, we suggest that you go up a size.  Also be sure to check out our girls lacrosse shirts.

girls reversible jerseys
girls reversible jerseys

Sublimated Jerseys

I always have to laugh at how far technology and our abilities have come in the last five years.  When we first started making sublimated jerseys, we were using a direct to garment machine. The colors on the jerseys at the time were less vivid and pronounced.  Now, we have the ability to color match and turn just about any image in to a full scale piece of apparel.  Call us for your next jersey or team order.  We make everything from scratch in our Maryland factory.

For some reason, these zebra prints are by far our most popular custom soccer jerseys for girls.  Although our site identifies us as a lacrosse company, we are really so so much more.  We outfit teams for just about any and every sport imaginable.  Unlike a lot of the other sports uniform companies out there, we make all of our garments in house.  This means that if you are in a rush for girls reversible jerseys, we can deliver fast without overseas or middle man headaches.