Girls Racerback Pinnies

Custom Girls Racerback Pinnies

Custom Lacrosse Pinnies

Girls racerback pinnies from Lightning Wear.  Some ladies in Webster New York are getting Kray in these custom sublimated girls racerback jerseys.  Have a great bachelorette party that you are planning?  What better way to show off the soon to be bride then with a custom set of jerseys from Lightning Wear.  Made to order in Maryland USA.

girls racerback pinnies
girls racerback pinnies

Girls Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom girls lacrosse uniforms can be designed in any color or pattern option.  We offer youth and adult sizes. Most girls teams will go with the racerback pinnies or the womens cut jerseys that have a closed back. We also make girls lacrosse shorts.   These are really popular and can be designed with any color.  You can add custom patterns prints and numbers to any part of the garment.

The hottest item of the past year has been the girls lacrosse shirts.  We added these about six months ago and so far they have been a huge hit.  Girls love their swag too.  I should know.  The man upstairs has blessed me with three little beauties.  They each have their own talents but all share the common eye for fashion and style.  Many of the design and custom print ideas come from one of my three.  Someone pointed out to me today that in a search for lacrosse pinnies, my youngest daughters picture shows up at a sewing machine.  No we do not employ child labor.  She happened to be in a picture one day so we linked it.

Our team is comprised of many great and talented individuals.  We are proud to make our gear from start to finished in my hometown.  Our factory is located in Montgomery County Maryland.  We have access to great transportation, employees and resources.  If you would like to join our team, give us a call and we can see if there is a position open.

If you need any assistance with your girls lacrosse uniforms or custom pinnies, give us a call at 888=438=7875.  Thanks for reading my article on girls racerback pinnies.