Girls Pinnie

Sublimated Girls Pinnie

Check out this sweet Girls pinnie from Lightning Wear®. I always love the summer time because we get flooded with great ideas from our customers for designs and patterns.  Pictured are some of the cooler summer pinnies we have done for a California girls lacrosse team.  The palm trees and surf boards definitely make me want to get down to the beach and paddle out on some tasty waves.

girls pinnie
girls pinnie


Summer Lacrosse Tournaments

Summer lacrosse tournaments are popping up all over the map.  I was talking to a coach in Idaho just today about how lacrosse started off in one particular town there and now it is growing like more rapidly than they can keep up.  We all know there are athletes being born every day in all parts of the world.  Learning the game and acquiring the finesse and skill is what makes you as an individual stand out from the pack.

Girl pinnie and girls lax pinnie can be made in any color or design.  Call us today for free team quotes.



The thing I love about these pinnies is the use of so many colors and design features.  If you look at the surfboard on the front chest, they added custom numbers.  On the back they added the same numbers and custom names.  We make these custom jerseys in adult and youth sizes.   This order was mostly youth and this is why the picture looks so small.