Girls Lax Uniforms

Custom Girls Lax Uniforms

Lightning Wear manufactures custom girls lax uniforms in any style or color.  

girls lax uniforms
girls lax uniforms

Racerback Pinnies

You have your choice of racerback or plain back jerseys for the top and either womens lacrosse shorts.   We can make these in just about any style size and quantity.  If you have an idea in mind, please write or call us and we can work on a design that is right for you and your program. We have recently added a photo gallery girls lacrosse uniformsto the site with some of the recent jerseys we have made.  Also, be sure to check out this blog for more ideas. The Lady Vipers have been great to work with.

They are a Maryland program with younger and older players.  Their team organizers have done a great job of putting together their teams and order and have made it enjoyable to work with.  Below are some things we have listed that help you in the order process.




What to Know When ordering Girls Lax uniforms

Naturally we love all of our customers and enjoy making custom lacrosse uniforms and girls lax uniforms, and of course uniforms for other sports.  Here are some things we want to point out to make your experience with us a fantastic one.


1. Art approval – when you come to us, please have some idea of what you are looking for or if you do not know, please have someone on your team with some vision call or write us with whatever it is you have to design your gear.  We have artists on staff but we are not mind readers.  Any direction that you can give us would help a ton.  We do not charge for renditions but we are also on a limited time and budget as well so if you have 20 modifications to a simple design, we are going to push you to making a choice and sticking with it.

2.  Timeline – We are all on deadlines and everyone loves to have their gear made fast so they can impress the club and look cool.  Please keep in mind that our standard turn time on custom uniforms is normally 4 weeks.  We receive 100+ orders a day and over 10,000 emails   We try to be great but we need your help and butting in line is never fair to anyone.  We manufacture everything from scratch.


This means that after the artwork is completed and  approved, we have to print, cut, sew and inspect your garments.  You never really think of the time and effort that is put in to making uniforms until you spend a day at our place.  We have a customer that ordered about a week ago and calls every day to check on it.  His famous quote was that the squeaky wheel gets oiled.  Not for custom girls lacrosse uniforms pal, sorry.  If you are constantly calling, you are impeding the process. Give us a realistic date for delivery and we will work hard to meet it.

I will share more tips in another post.  Thanks for reading.


© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®