Girls Custom Lax Shorts

Custom Girls Custom Lax Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts for Women

Girls Custom Lax Shorts and lacrosse shorts for Women from Lightning Wear®.  Pictured are a fancy set of womens and girls custom lax shorts in teal and zebra print.  I was just told that these shorts, along with a set of lacrosse pinnies and mens full set of girls sports uniforms are on the way to Alaska.  This is one place on earth I would love to see.

girls custom lax shorts
girls custom lax shorts

The great thing about our shorts is that regardless of whether  you are buying 1 or 1 million, the color style and pattern options are completely up to you.  We have a number of stock designs we show on the site with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.  Do not be fooled though.



You are not restricted or limited to what is on the site.  If there is a special look or print you are going for, we can help you make it happen.  The colors and patterns we offer on the site can be altered or changed to your look.  We work off of a basic color chart, but if there is a pantone or shade you are looking for, we will do our best to match it.   We offer custom girls lacrosse shorts and womens lacrosse shorts in adult and youth sizes.  Call us today for team pricing and availability.  Made to order in the USA.

We are all about keeping up with the latest trends and colors for our girls apparel division.  As a parent of three daughters, you become extremely tuned to what is hip and cool.  Thankfully our local friends and teams have been some of the best test pieces and helpers to our expanding brand.  Feel free to call us with your apparel or product suggestions.  We are here to help.