Girls Basketball Uniforms

Custom Girls Basketball Uniforms

Girls basketball uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Special Thanks to the Chicks from the Sticks basketball team for the great team picture they sent of their girls basketball jerseys.  The gals in Montana have done a great job so far with basketball tournament play.  They designed these basketball jerseys to bring out their wild side on the court. The reversibles were sublimated with the ever so popular teal color and black and white zebra print.  They chose the womens style reversible jersey.

girls basketball uniforms
girls basketball uniforms



This style is available in both adult and youth sizes and if you are unsure of sizing, please call me directly and I can give you some sizing help.  After all, I have three daughters of my own.  I am pretty good at determining the age/size range for most young ladies.  The best rule of thumb is to go off of their regular t shirt size for jerseys.  Same goes for custom basketball shorts.  Either way, feel free to call us and we can help.  Our number is 888-438-7875.