Girls Basketball Reversibles

Custom Girls Basketball Reversibles

 Mesh Reversibles for Basketball

Congrats to the lady Wildcats from Garnet Valley Pennsylvania for competing in the 2013 Nationals tournament.

girls basketball reversibles
girls basketball reversibles

Thank you for the cool order of neon green and white girls basketball reversibles.  Have a great summer!  The Wildcats went with the neon green and white girls basketball pinnie.  On the back they added custom numbers for each player.  As well they added their last names in an arial font.  For around $30 you can get a custom jersey just like the one pictured.  This price includes unlimited number of logo print and impressions.  It also includes the custom names and numbers on the back of the jersey for both sides.

The most common question we receive about our basketball jersey designer is about print coloring.  Most people want to know how the jersey will look on the reverse of what they are designing.  When you add your jersey to the cart, it will ask you to map the colors.  You have to check the option for print on the inner side and then the color selections need to be chosen.

The best thing I say to do is call or write us after you place your order so we are both on the same page with everything.  Call us at 888-438-7875 and we will make your wildest dreams come true.