Football Blankets

As the cold weather makes it way across the US, there is no better way to prepare than with some custom football blankets.  


football blankets
football blankets

If you follow our instagram account (@laxpinnies) you will notice that I have been pumping our custom blankets pretty regularly.  We had a meeting a few weeks ago and decided that it was time to go big and start adding more to our service and products.  Our thought was simple.  What better way to add to the mix than with custom picture blankets and team fleece.  After all, we are one of the few USA based manufacturers that has the equipment wide enough and durable enough for producing blankets and banners.


We gave a shout to our fabric manufacturer and explained to him exactly what we were looking for.  Up until this point we have just been throwing our blankets on our regular hoodie material.  Well that was time to change.  Our goal was to get a fleece blanket that you can snuggle with and never let leave your side.  These made incredible stadium blankets for any sport.

USMMA Football Blankets

Kingspoint New York fans will be staying nice and warm in these fleece USMMA football blankets.  We were happy to receive a call from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  They have an event coming and wanted to show their love of America with some fleece blankets.  We worked on some designs for them and within a few takes they were sold on the first batch.  I am sure once the first large order sells their will be tons more fans in need.

The blankets are made using a dye sublimation wide format print and press. First the ink is printed on a special paper.  Then the paper is married with the fleece.  Finally we cut the edges and finish with a dual needle hem.  The great thing about blankets is that you can print just about anything you want on the full coverage of the paper and fabric.  They are three and a half feet by five feet long.  We can also make smaller or larger depending on your needs.  Design custom blankets any way you want them.

Colors logos pictures and text are only the beginning of what can be added to your blankets.  These make great coach gifts for any season.  Call us today at 888-438-7875 for any blanket questions.