Florida Lacrosse Pinnies

Custom Florida Lacrosse Pinnies

Florida Lacrosse Pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  

florida lacrosse pinnies
florida lacrosse pinnies

Here goes some Live To Lax and Lax to Live Pinnies to our friends in the sunny Boca Raton Florida.  One of the biggest growing areas for lacrosse right now has to be Florida.  We are seeing a great surge in both girls and boys programs on the west and east coast.  The grades that are starting to play are also much younger.  Many of the colleges in the south are seriously growing their club and college programs.  They have made some great hires that will greatly enhance the game.  As well there are a lot of tournaments now being hosted in and around Disney for the groups playing.

The purple and royal blue lacrosse pinnies pictured have a three color front logo.  I have never seen these two colors combined but I have to say that I do like it.  The team added names and numbers on the backs of the pinnie.  In all, these jerseys really turned out great.  If you are in need of some purple Florida lacrosse pinnies or any other color just give us a call.