Flint Tropics Pinnies

Sublimated Flint Tropics Pinnies

Here goes some flint tropics pinnies with a nice little picture on the back. thanks for the order.

flint tropics pinnies
flint tropics pinnies

This is a VERY old post that I happened to find a few weeks ago. When we first started making dye sublimated jerseys, they were done on the wide hole mesh.  Unfortunately it left for some less than perfect bleeding and print errors.  The colors were not vivid at all.  This is a case of the colors not popping.  Since that time we have perfected the art of dye sublimation.  Call us today for your next basketball or lacrosse uniform purchase.  We can add custom pictures logos numbers names or anything you can think of.  Even a funny hairy man with a basketball covering his privates.

Our normal delivery time is about three weeks from the time the order is placed.  If there is a specific date that you need them for, be sure to clear it with us so we can get you on our internal calendar.  Our production manager is a stickler so please let us know asap.