Field Hockey Reversible Pinnies

Custom Field Hockey Reversible Pinnies

Field Hockey Reversible Pinnies from Lightning Wear®.

Field Hockey Reversible Pinnies
Field Hockey Reversible Pinnies

These Custom hot pink and powder blue field hockey pinnies are going out to Baltimore Maryland. The team chose a mesh reversible with screen printed pink logos.  The logo had an arched text of  field hockey with the crossed field hockey sticks.  They added custom team names and numbers to the back of the custom jerseys.

If you are planning to place an order with our website, I would recommend that you call us first and let us know everything about the order.  Ordering team uniforms for a group of people or even four of your friends can be stressful.  We want to take that stress away from you.  There are certain tricks of the trade as we call it that will help make the transaction move smoothly and without trouble.

First and foremost is making sure that you have budgeted for the team purchase.  At a first glance you may see a price and collect that from everyone.  Then you get to the shopping cart and what you thought was the correct price leaves you covering the difference.  Let us help prevent this.  Also, if you have a big list of players, their sizes, nicknames numbers etc, we can show you an easy way to get it in the system.  This saves you time adding to the page.

Sublimated Pinnies for Field Hockey

If you are looking for something different, try taking a look at sublimated pinnies for field hockey.  Unlike what is posted above, sublimated field hockey pinnies allow you to do all over printing.  This means that you can choose any design with any color or any print with any text.  The fabric is slightly different.  Instead of being a football jersey mesh, the fabric is a silky polyester material that is durable and long lasting.