Field Hockey Hoodies

There is no better way to step in to the fall chilly air than in some custom sublimated field hockey hoodies from Lightning Wear.

field hockey hoodies
field hockey hoodies

We have oufitted the great and growing Girls Field Hockey League in Olney Maryland for many years now.  This year, the commissioners outfitted their staff with something new and exciting.  They looked for design ideas and product that everyone would love and use.  And they wanted it with the big team logo.

Sublimated Field Hockey Hoodies

Olney decided to go with the custom sublimated field hockey hooded sweatshirts.  On the front of the hoodies they added the great Olney logo.  If you look carefully at the picture, the logo was dyed in to the fabric.  More so, if you carefully look at the hood you will notice the faint look of a custom Maryland flag blacked out.  The hoodies really looked fand felt fantastic.  These were a great match for the sublimated field hockey pinnies they ordered a week ago.

Maryland Flag

On the back of these sweatshirts they added large crossed field hockey sticks.  Then on top of that they added a map of Maryland in the Maryland flag full color print.  The great thing about our hoodies is that they are really made to last.  As well, you can add any color logo print pattern or design.  If you have a question about custom designs or ideas, just give us a call.  We manufacture all of our field hockey apparel in our Maryland USA location.

We are happy to make designs for you on just about any product.  Please keep in mind that we try to help everyone we can with designs.  Unfortunately sometimes people take advantage of this kindness.  We can gladly work up some initial artwork without charge.  However if you are a tire kicker looking for free artwork we are not the place for you.  In the past we have had customers work our artists with twenty plus changes only to end up sending their order elsewhere.  Painful time and effort is put in our end so please do not abuse it.  Thanks for reading!