Dye Sublimated Uniforms

Custom Dye Sublimated Uniforms

Dye sublimated uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  I have heard and seen a lot of variations or definitions when it comes to dye sublimated team uniforms.  What I have realized is that there are a lot of different interpretations of the sublimation process.  On a smaller scale, sublimation is much like a heat transfer or iron on that many of us are familiar with.  On our scale, it involves much much more.  Once you read this and realize what goes in to it, you will have a whole new approach and outlook on the process.

Below is a picture of a wide format rotary press that applies the print to the fabric.  This is a VERY hot machine that can turn out up to 100 garments every hour.  We have two machines that we currently use for dye sublimation.  As our seasons grow, we continue to reinvest in our company with the latest and greatest technology for this type of process.  The old saying goes to beat the best you have to be the best.  This is our goal and we want you to be a customer for life.

dye sublimated uniforms
dye sublimated uniforms

Sublimated Process

The sublimated process is pretty intricate.  It starts out with one of our art designers preparing and approving the final design with you for your shorts, shirts, reversibles, team jerseys or custom sweats.  Once you give the green light, your garments are set up and sent to print on a wide format sublimation printer.  The  printer uses special heat applied inks.  Colors are pretty much unlimited.

Next, the roll is sent to a rotary heat press and applied on to a wide roll or bolt of fabric. Usually two plys of custom jerseys fit side by side.   As you can see by the picture heat turns the solid to a gas back to a solid for a crystal clear image of your design heat applied to fabric.  Then the roll of printed fabric is taken to a wide table and cut.  Next they are sent to our sewing floor where they are sewn together and finished.  Then they are shipped out to you.  Pretty simple eh?


Be Careful

What you need to be careful of are two things.  One is ordering dye sublimated uniforms and dealing with a reseller of an overseas manufacturer that has no clue about American sizes colors and cuts.  We started out buying overseas and it was a complete nightmare.  Second are the guys that are working out of their shop on a small scale that do not know size and do not have the proper equipment to get you the best finished product.  So we started out this way and realized very quickly that if you cannot use the correct equipment you will be stuck sending an inferior product.

Our team feels that we are one of the leading suppliers of lacrosse uniforms, basketball uniforms, soccer uniforms and any team uniforms because we are the direct manufacturer.  We have a ton of experience with dye sublimation.  More so, we know what it is our customer is looking for.  We can help you navigate through the design and ordering stage.  Call us for free estimates and pricing on your next team uniforms order.


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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®