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Dye Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Create Dye Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Shop dye sublimated lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Every year we have the pleasure of assisting the Mean Machine lacrosse team with custom lacrosse uniforms. We make their custom reversible jerseys, team sublimated shorts, and matching shooter shirts.  In all, they always turn out spectacular.  This year they added a slight modification to the shorts with the pin stripe deflating lines included.  Mean Machine always adds custom names and numbers to the back of their jerseys.  The shorts come with durable over sized pockets.  They also have a nine inch length or inseam.

dye sublimated lacrosse shorts
dye sublimated lacrosse shorts


For under ninety dollars you can purchase a set of fully dye sublimated uniforms.  But you probably ask yourself what does this sublimation process mean exactly.  Indeed, the picture above is a perfect example of the dye sublimation product.  Most often, when buy clothing at a store, it is already imprinted on of solid color.  This is where the word “custom apparel” really comes in to play.  It is most clear seeing in the lacrosse shorts.  While one could attempt in adding the big design to the shorts, there is only one proper way in making these.  That way is starting out with white fabric.  Then, you print the pattern and design in to a dye sublimation paper with dye sublimation inks.  Finally, The paper is married with the fabric with an insanely high heat.  The ink turns to liquid then back to solid within the sublimation ready garment material.  Therefore this process constitutes the only true way of producing a dye sublimated lacrosse uniform.

There are tons of impostors and newbies to the dye sublimation game.  We bid them all a good luck because this is not an easy process.  We have taken almost eight years to truly perfect the nuances of this process. As a consumer, you should not be fooled by companies that are heat pressing pre made garments and passing them off as sublimated ones.  A true dye sublimation garment is printed, pressed then cut and sewn.  For more on this topic, please read some of our other posts or call us.  We want your team wearing our dye sublimated lacrosse shorts.