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Sublimated Die Hard Lacrosse Uniforms

Die hard lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.Here goes a solid set of lax uniforms to the Old Breed/ Die Hards Lacrosse Team. Die Hards and Old Breed joined forces for the season and will dominate in these cool unis. I wish I was able to play with you guys. I am on the sidelines for good with the crutch. The sublimated team lacrosse uniforms are made to order in our Kensington, Maryland location.  The team added reversible collegiate cut jerseys and custom lacrosse shorts.

die hard lacrosse uniforms
die hard lacrosse uniforms

The Howard County rec league for men really has a great thing going.  The teams play at several field in the area and compete for the seasonal tournament.  Surprisingly, the fields they play on are incredible. We have the pleasure of outfitting a number of teams that play in this and other leagues in the area.  It is a given that they all want pockets in their custom lacrosse shorts. The first season we were making these, we did some for a team without pockets and I never heard the end of it.  So fellas, if you are ordering for your mens team or league, be sure to specify that you want pockets in your shorts.  We will likely put them in there now any ways, but I guess you can specify that you do not want them for sure.

As well, the talent is immense.  I enjoy running in to old players and guys that I have not seen since high school or college.  Needless to say, when I jumped back in to the league not playing since college, I was a bit rusty.  Just when I started to get my skills back, my ACL tore and I was out for good.  The doctor told me it was the worst he had seen in a long time.

Thankfully, I still have the cool looking set of lacrosse uniforms that we made the team the year I played.