Dicks Sporting Goods Field Hockey Jerseys

Design Dicks Sporting Goods Field Hockey jerseys

Dicks Sporting Goods field hockey jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  We were very excited and proud to see that Dicks Sporting Goods featured a team that we outfitted a few years ago in in a photo shoot for their #hellweek campaign on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you to all of our followers on the @laxpinnies Instagram account.  Thank you Dicks for some great shots of our players in the gear.

dicks sporting goods field hockey jerseys
dicks sporting goods field hockey jerseys

While others have tried to imitate our pinnie style and various prints, our passion to work hard and get this brand to where we believe it needs to be will always keep us hungry.  We are here to serve our customers and make sure you come back to us year after year for team needs.  Call us and let us help you design your field hockey pinnies or any other style or product.

Design Your Own Field Hockey Pinnies

In the coming weeks we will be updating our sites to make them more user friendly and interactive.  We maintain that we are still the #1 site  for custom sports pinnies and other apparel.  We want to keep with the times by adding the freshest look and feel possible! Call us for your team field hockey jersey needs.