Customize & Design Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Design Lacrosse Shorts

Customize and design lacrosse shorts in adult and youth sizes from Lightning Wear.  We manufacture unlimited color sublimated shorts and reversible jerseys for teams all over the world.  This year Bergeys team money decided to go back to their roots with some hundred dollar bill collegiate pinnies and matching shorts.  Design lacrosse shorts in any color pattern or style.  We print them using dye sublimation technology.

I had the pleasure of watching one of the team Money groups play a few weeks ago. Not sure what got in to these guys. But the saying is definitely true that in order to play good you have to look good.  These boys played like a well oiled machine.  The coaching staff was extremely grateful to us for their boys looking so good.  I was grateful as well that they were so impressive to watch.  If you need help with design lacrosse shorts options on our site, please call us.

More so, the group came up to me personally after the game to thank me and my team.  It made me feel pretty special to know that our custom uniforms had made such an impact on these gentleman.  This was a U13 team that looked like they should have been playing in college.

Lacrosse Coaches

Good lacrosse coaches make all the difference in the world for these youth budding athletes.  I have written about Team Money before in a few posts but I will let you know that Josh, Katie and the rest of the staff personify great coaching.  It was so surprising to see a competitive coach like Bergey be respectful to the other team the referees and the parents.  Sublimated lax shorts have never looked so fresh.

Most importantly, he and his staff were great with the boys.  I have been at three of my seven year old sons games this year where I was embarrassed to say I was involved with the sport of lacrosse.  I wasnt upset because the other team was not wearing our lacrosse uniforms or that they were dirty players.  Merely I was upset because of they way they behave and yelled at their players.  At that age and any age it is first and foremost about the fun of the sport.

Sorry for my rant. Call us at 888-438-7875 if you are looking for design ideas or have questions about ordering. I hope you enjoyed out post on design lacrosse shorts.   


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