Customize Pinnies

Make & Customize Pinnies

Welcome to the first official site where you can customize pinnies with any imprint color pattern design logo or text.  

customize pinnies
customize pinnies

The Goats will be ready for action in these custom reversible jerseys from Lightning Wear.  We manufacture custom reversibles and team uniforms in all colors styles and sizes.  The team added cool nicknames on the backs of these royal blue and white pinnies.  They did all of the custom work right on our site.  Most people do not know this, but you can actually change the fonts of the names and numbers on the site to different styles.  The site defaults to EXAMPLE for the name in arial font.  But it can be changed.  The numbers font defaults to collegiate inside.  As well there are a bunch of different other fonts and selections that you can choose on your custom jerseys.

Royal Blue Lacrosse Uniforms

Our royal blue lacrosse uniforms are a perfect shade of blue.  But if there is another shade or color that you want to go with, contact us.  Our art department has millions of colors and color swatches to go off of.  The heavy duty dye sublimation printers that we use have profiles.  The profiles are capable of reproducing just about any color or pattern you can imagine.  You would be truly amazed at how many different shades of blue there really are.  We make custom lacrosse shorts in royal blue too!

At Lightning Wear we take pride in giving you the designs and patterns that you want on a quality product.  We started manufacturing in house back in 2007.  Since then we have greatly improved and grown our product and our capabilities.  We make custom t shirts and team apparel in large quantities.   Our advantage is that we can produce these goods faster than any in state or overseas manufacturer.

Call us today and we will help you customize pinnies at an affordable price.  Do not over pay to resellers.  We want you wearing our custom Lightning bolt brand.