Customize Field Hockey Pinnies

Design & Customize Field Hockey Pinnies

Customize field hockey pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  The season is coming to an end for some and for others it is just getting started.  Here goes a pink and powder set of field hockey team pinnies to the ladies of Chatham Virginia.  Thanks for the order and have a great summer!

customize field hockey pinnies
customize field hockey pinnies

The Chatnam Hall seniors picked out custom pink and powder blue reversible pinnies with custom screen printed logos of the crossed stick on the front of the jerseys.  As well, they also added custom team names and numbers to the back of the jerseys.  They are applied using heat pressed numbers and names.

Once again, we have a girls team ordering the mens plain pinnies.  They are a wider baggier cut that is cropped.  Girls like wearing these because they are looser fitting than the traditional girls field hockey pinnies.