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Order Customizable Lacrosse Shirts

Customizable lacrosse shirts made to order by Lightning Wear®.  The Logon lacrosse team has a great set of lacrosse shooter shirts, team jerseys and team lacrosse shorts coming their way.  Hopefully UPS will be back on schedule for delivery today after yesterdays mammoth snow stop.

customizable lacrosse shirts
customizable lacrosse shirts


Custom Shooter Shirts

The Logan team designed their custom shooter shirts with a unique side panel accent.  The vegas gold color helps amplify the Logan lacrosse logo on the front.  Please keep in mind that you are not limited to the patterns or colors on our site.  You can send us any type of pattern or design for your custom lacrosse uniforms.

I always say that I wish the uniforms and practice pinnies that we had when we were kids looked as cool as the stuff that comes out in todays market.    We are always looking for the latest and greatest styles and patterns to add to our collection and uniform designer.

If you have a pattern or design that you think should be added to our site, please email us with the attached design and we will add it.  We want our designer to remain the greatest one out there.