Custom Womens Lacrosse Uniforms

Design Custom Womens Lacrosse Uniforms

Girls Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Check out these custom womens lacrosse uniforms heading south to Georgia by wing flight.  Just kidding.  If you look at these black and charcoal grey reversible jerseys and custom lacrosse skirts you will get my little humor.  The Lady Hawks added their back logo on high nick of the reversible racerback pinnies.  As well, they used a great collegiate front number and back name/number in red to complete the look.

The skirts have an elastic drawstring waistband.  The team carried the winged side panels to the back of the pinnies and skirts as well.  Lightning Wear makes girls lacrosse uniforms in both adult and kids sizes.  These sizes range from youth extra small to womens three extra large.  Since the garments are made to order, we can make just about any modification you can think of.

custom womens lacrosse uniforms
custom womens lacrosse uniforms

Girls Lacrosse Uniform

Would you believe that the girls lacrosse uniform pictured actually starts out as a white piece of fabric.  We use a process called dye sublimation.  This means that we actually dye the images and designs in to fabric.  Then we cut out the pattern and design and sew it.  It is a pretty amazing and time consuming process.  However the end result is far worth all of the blood and sweat that is put in to it.

I had a lady call us today from Kentucky with some great and rather interesting questions about our process.  The one question that stood out to me was her inquiry on how Lightning Wear is different than some of the major lacrosse brands and resellers.  My response was simple.  Unlike many of the companies and brands that show up on the google search, we are different in a good way.  We are not the middle man (or woman).  Lightning Wear is a direct manufacturer.  Many times, as I told her, we have manufactured for some of the big guys behind the scenes.  What this means is that your order is in better hands when you place it with the people that are making your gear.  If you are looking for custom womens lacrosse uniforms, please call us today and we can impress you.