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Check out these Custom team pinnies from Lightning Wear. The Viking lacrosse squad from Grand Valley Ontario Canada will be looking intense in these custom sublimated Viking Pinnies.  Have a great summer season and thanks for the order of custom lacrosse pinnies from Lightning Wear.

custom team pinnies
custom team pinnies


Summer is an especially busy time of year for us here at the Kensington, Maryland production facility.  There is about a two week lag where everyone is busy with barbecues and graduations.  Then it turns in to the usual seasonal madhouse.  So my point is that you need to plan ahead if you want to make your teams summer tournament or practice date.  We are very diplomatic when it comes to delivery dates.  If you pay ahead or in time for a reasonable production time, you can rest assure that your order will be delivered in a timely manner.

Mesh Pinnies

So many folks have entered the mesh pinnies market, that it is extremely difficult to offer the best price out there.  We pride ourselves in going beyond the call of duty with a quality product at a reasonable rate.  If you are looking to pay three dollars for a reversible jersey be prepared to get turned down by a lot vendors.  This would include us. Generally, the people that are calling in for this type of price are usually for us the biggest trouble makers.


Sorry customers. We love you but if you are going to beat us up, please save our time and yours.  If you do the math, a zero profit on fifty units is zero dollars.  Therefore there is zero reason for us to offer this.  As well, the garbage that some competitors are selling at three dollars is not worth the trouble.  We make quality reversible jerseys and custom team pinnies that are made to last.