Custom Team Apparel

Make Custom Team Apparel

Check out our Custom Team Apparel from Lightning Wear®.  We always love when our great customers send in a picture of their team smiling in our custom sublimated uniforms.  The Stingers Ladies lacrosse team had plenty of smiles in their big win of the three games in the Maryland Terrapin Classic.  To top it, the score for the three games was 56-3.  Yikes, I would hate to be the other teams.  We love these guys because they always send a team pic to us and a kind letter of thanks.  It truly means a lot considering the hard work and dedication our staff puts in to the designs and manufacturing of game uniforms.

custom team apparel
custom team apparel

Girls Sublimated Reversible Jerseys

The girls sublimated reversible jerseys are in usual fine fashion for the Stingers.  Their coach and organizer happens to be an extremely talented artist.  He is always hip with the latest jersey designs and team patterns.  I always say that it is amazing what even a unique number font can do to a solid color jersey.  The new regulations for high school sports have a lot of girls and guys teams scrambling for solutions.  The days of flashy floral and funky designs are over due to the new rules.  The biggest complaint by referees is that they were having issues seeing players numbers that were hidden in designs.  The biggest complaint we have about the new rule is that they have made the requirement for custom jerseys impossible to deal with.


Girls lacrosse jerseys are smaller than boys.  To put a 10 inch number on the back of a racerback style jersey is next to impossible.  Especially when youth sizes are added to the mix.  Indeed, I understand taking away some of the multi color flash, but they need to rethink the ideas of the too big number.  8 inch numbers are more transitional.  Call us for your custom team apparel needs.