Custom T Shirts

Custom T Shirts

Make Your Own T Shirts

Check out your special hand made custom t shirts from Lightning Wear.  Everyone is used to the run of the mill white poly cotton t shirt and plain design.  Screen printing has been around since the early 1800’s back when your great great great grandma and grandpa lived.  From time to time we will still make silk screen t shirts.  But the trend has moved on. Custom shirts are no longer the plain once color one design with a logo rot in your closet garment that they once were.

custom t shirts
custom t shirts


Thankfully, we are one of the only USA manufacturers of dye sublimated t shirts.  We have changed the way your old grandpa t shirt is made.  Sorry grandpa.  Dye sublimation allows for any colors, any images, any patterns, any logos added to your shirt.  Add it on shorts or reversible too with little or no up charge for any design add ons.

Sublimated T Shirt Cost Comparison

Here goes a little sublimated t shirt cost comparison.  For starters we will say that on average your regular cotton or cotton poly t shirt is less expensive than a dye sublimated shirt.  The simple reason for this is that a one color solid t shirt is definitely a lot less expensive to manufacture than a custom sewn jersey style shirt.  But in comparison to a moisture wick shirt that sells in the local sporting good store like Dicks or the former Sports Authority, our sublimated shooter shirts are priced well within reason.  As well, the color selection and design possibilities dwarf those of our competing shirts.

Modestly said, we feel that we are the best at what we do.  We are not a reseller of another brand or a glorified heat press on stock shirts company.  Lightning Wear is a full service cut and sew manufacture of custom sports team uniforms and spirit wear.  This being said, we have seen it all.  Our trained on site art department can help talk through your design ideas.  Indeed we can create a custom shirt that is one of the kind at an affordable price.  At around $30 to $35 you can add pictures, names numbers or logos on any style.

Womens Lacrosse Shirts

LW makes workout and girls lacrosse shirts too.  This style is available in adult and kids sizes ranging from youth extra small and going as big as an adult 5 extra large.  Our long sleeve shooter shirts and camouflage basketball shooter shirts are popular with both mens and womens teams. Add names and numbers  anywhere on the sleeve, back front or bottom of your Long sleeve shooting shirts

Screen printed shirts are nice but you are limited on your print area. You are only as good as the pallet that is used to apply the screen to your shirt.  Since our shirts are hand sewn, the only area that you cannot print on would be at the seams.  This is minimal in comparison. As a result, you get a much more unique and one of a kind look.

In conclusion, be sure to check out our design your own t shirt software with this site.  We are the experts in shirt printing and adult and youth lacrosse uniforms manufacturing.  As well, we make sublimated soccer uniforms, custom basketball uniforms and girls field hockey pinnies.  Call us today at 888-438-7875 for your custom t shirts quote.