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Create your own custom shorts with the most color and pattern options in the galaxy.  Our shorts are custom made to order in Maryland USA.


custom shorts
custom shorts 

Silver Spring Warriors Lacrosse Custom Shorts

The Silver Spring Warriors are one of our great customers that dwell just outside the Washington Capital Beltway in Montgomery County Maryland.  For about the last seven years, we have had the pleasure of working with their guys and girls teams on their custom lacrosse uniforms.  They play in summer tournaments and other local and distant games.  Every team that we outfit is in some way special and important to us.

The Silver Spring Warriors happen to be close to our hearts because many of the guys and gals in our building grew up or played in some form of Silver Spring Team back in the day.  More so, the great commissioner was a former teammate of mine.  These guys run an incredible program and we are honored to have them wearing our gear year after year.

My son plays for a team up where we live that is in the same league as these guys.  They always play a very clean and friendly.  The coaches are teaching their guys and gals the correct way to play the sport.  Often times you will see teams thats coaches are instruction their players to take the opponents heads off.  Far too often we have seen this type of behavior.  Without mentioning team names, one parent/coach was screaming so badly at their kids that intervention was needed.

Warriors Youth Custom Shorts

The Silver Spring Warriors youth custom shorts were basic but fresh.  They went with a royal blue side panel.  We accented it with a white rib.  The main color of the lacrosse shorts is black.  And the big kidney looking blue pieces you see in the picture are actually custom pockets.  You can add whatever logo or color you want on those by the way.  We make our shorts in size youth extra small going all the way up to 5xl lacrosse shorts.

Dye Sublimated Shorts

You are probably asking yourself, why am I seeing this long table with what looks like a bunch of pieces printed on fabric.  Guess what?  That is exactly what it is.  The shorts you see are the left and right sides that are pieced together in the middle.  The one side has the team numbers on it and the other side has the team’s custom logo.  First we print these designs in mirror with special ink and paper.  Then the ink and paper are married to our special lit fit fabric material.  The last step before the pieces get sewn is to cut them individually.  They are sorted counted then sewn.  It is actually a really fun and interesting process. More so, we love what we are doing and love our great customers.

Feel free to call us at 888-438-7875 and discuss your custom shorts options.  We are here seven days a week through out the season.  But be sure you plan ahead because in February this place is a mad house for lacrosse season.

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