Custom Mens Lacrosse Shorts

Powder Blue Custom Mens Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Mens Lacrosse Shorts from Lightning Wear®.  As always, apologies for being away from the blog for a bit.  Our site was having some technical difficulties.We are now back up and running and ready for your orders. It seems like there is always something  Here goes a special set of whalers lacrosse shorts to our happy fish friends.  We always love the custom lacrosse uniforms orders in the summer because it brings out the best in our customers and artists.

custom mens lacrosse shorts
custom mens lacrosse shorts


I really love the little whale art that is pictured on the shorts.  Even more impressive is the funky looking font the customer chose for numbers.  The two different color blues and the neon green really worked well on the pallet.

The site has a youth and an adult section but honestly both products are the same on the site with the option to order adult and youth sizes on the same product.  We do this so that teams with mixed sizes can order on both ends.  These shorts definitely bring the kid out of everyone.

We hope that all of our girls and guys lax players have a great summer of fun  tournaments.  I know personally that my daughters schedules for lacrosse have just about every weekend booked.  When the tournaments are not booked they will be at the Womens Maryland lacrosse camp.

Cathy Reese and the gals over there do an increbile job with the younger and older girls.  I highly recommend that if you are looking for a summer college lacrosse camp, you give the Nations reigning champions a great look.  The camp is overnight for a few days and it really give the girls the feeling of independence and freedom.  I might add that it gives the parents a little break from lacrosse too.  We thank you for the great orders and look forward to selling you more custom mens lacrosse shorts and other products.